I’m Julie and it is my pleasure to be your photographer. We will spend a lot of time together preparing and completing your photography session, so I thought it would be nice to get to know me and understand the most important thing in my life – my family. 



About Me . . . 

Hello, I’m Julie

I am an Iowa native who grew up on a farm in the central part of the state. Throughout my childhood, I developed a strong work ethic and my parents never doubted that me and my three sisters could handle anything we set our minds to! In 1996, we lost our mother to colon cancer, which greatly impacted how strongly I value my family. After living in Pennsylvania for over 20 years, in 2018 I came back home to Iowa to be closer to family. I now enjoy more time with my three sisters who continue to be my best friends. My two sons, Daniel and Derek, kept me young at heart and encourage me to constantly grow as a mother. 

My passion for photography started with my family, and taught me the importance of capturing those precious family memories. I took every opportunity to photograph them during our family occasions. Through the years, these informal photos began to turn into more formal portrait sessions. My family encouraged me to do the same for others, and it’s thanks to them that I’m able to offer my photography services to you today.